6 Tips For Getting Your Youthful Appearance Back As A Mom

As a mom, you probably know the feeling of looking in the mirror and feeling old. Maybe some sleepless nights have created new wrinkles under your eyes, or a particularly hectic day has you looking tired and pale. The physical aspects of having children also have noticeable effects on the body: sagging breasts, anyone?

I talk with lots of moms who are frustrated with their appearance and want to look more like they used too — before children. That is why I put together this post, synthesizing all of the anti-aging techniques that I and those that I know have tried and loved over the years.

  1. Take A Spinning Class

I have found that spinning is one of the most efficient ways to fend off “mom butt”. Women who spin regularly work the glutenous muscles so that they are tight and high, rather than sagging and flabby. Get your youthful backside back by finding a spinning class that you love, and going regularly!

  1. Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

Studies show that we wake up each morning dehydrated. Instead of slurping down coffee, have a glass of water with lemon in it first thing. This is a mild detox drink that will help your liver eliminate toxins. You’ll be able to go to the bathroom in a timely manner, which helps your digestive system function well throughout the rest of the day. Drinking plenty of water gives your skin a youthful glow.

  1. Look Into New Breast-Lifting Procedures

Breast-related surgical procedures have evolved a great deal over the last decade, particularly with the introduction of the Bellesoma Method in 2000. This method can help women who have noticed breast sagging since childbirth and child-rearing. The Bellesoma Method can be used to reduce breast size and raise sagging breasts up on the chest wall for a more youthful appearance. It uses your natural breast tissue instead of implants, and there are no vertical scars.

  1. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Confident

You might think that now that you are a mom you have to wear a certain kind of clothes. That is not the case! Be just as creative, lively, and daring in your wardrobe as you want. Wear clothing that you love, which expresses your true style. This confidence boost will give you a youthful air about you, regardless of your age.

  1. Color Over Your Grays

It may sound obvious to apply hair dye over gray streaks, but some women avoid doing it because they want to age naturally. There is nothing wrong with giving your hair some color, and if it helps you to feel young, I say go for it! Many of the women I talk to have admitted that they feel guilty about wanting to dye their hair. If you feel hesitant to color over your locks entirely, consider simply applying some natural-looking highlights to help the gray streaks blend in with the rest of your hair.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Don’t let your body go just because you are now a mother. Prioritize your health and happiness by fitting regular exercise into your schedule. You might find that not only is your body looking younger, but you are also being a better mom! This seems counter-intuitive because sometimes we feel like we have to spend every waking moment with our children to reach superstar-mom status. On the contrary, time away from the kids helps us center ourselves so that we can be the best mom possible.

Your desire to look young again is completely understandable. I hope that these six tips help you find that youthful appearance that you are after! Being a mom is full of fun adventures, and finding your confidence and a sense of beauty is just one part of the adventure. Honor your desire by following up some or all of these tips.