Turn Your Empty Wine Bottles into a Miniature Garden

Bottle GardenI have always been something of a plant fanatic, as I love to work in my garden and am always looking for new additions to the landscape around our house. I did begin to notice that our interior could use a bit more greenery, but I have never been much of a fan of big houseplants. They just seem like they would be better off being planted outside than trapped indoors, and I figured a lot of smaller succulents placed throughout the house would be more ideal.

For those of you who are unaware of how great succulents are, they require very little care and are exceptionally durable. This makes them ideal for those of us who do not have a green thumb or who are sometimes just a bit too busy to tend to their plants. Now that I knew what plants I wanted to use, I began to think about the types of planters the succulents would need. It was then that I saw an empty wine bottle and asked myself, “Kimra Bettasso, is there a way you can use the wine bottle as a planter?”

Well, of course there is.

A wine bottle would only work well as a planter, however, if it is cut lengthwise, which can be kind of tricky without the right tools. It can be done, and it can be done well and safely so long as you are careful. You will need something to score the glass with, and while there are tools that are specific to this purpose that will give you a very straight line, I opted to use a glass drill bit instead. This allowed me to take some liberties with the shape of the cut and gave a little added character to the wine bottle.

Once you have scored the bottle, you will have to heat up the area you scored and then quickly cool it to create the bed for your garden. You do not want to heat it up too much, and it is best if you heat only the area you scored and not the whole bottle. I used a long lighter and ran it over the scored line several times and then transferred it immediately under cold water. The glass began to crack along the scored line and left a perfect bed for the succulents. Once you have your bed, it is up to you to pick out the succulents that you will put into your unique planter.