The Groza Learning Center Outlines Rationale Regarding When to Begin SAT Preparation

One of the most common questions students have once their SAT examination date has been identified relates to determining the most appropriate time to begin preparing for this critically important test. Some will wonder whether starting more than a year ahead of time will simply yield diminishing returns while others will try to determine the most efficient strategy for achieving a particular academic goal. The Groza Learning Center provides tutoring sessions along with a number of test preparation courses, and its co-founder, Scott Groza, has noted that there are a variety of factors that should be evaluated when trying to determine the ideal time to begin preparation for any standardized test like the SAT.

The Role of Initial Assessment and Goal-Setting

One of the most effective strategies used in outlining an individualized program of study involves the use of an assessment test that determines the student’s score performance level along with any specific content areas most in need of attention. In conjunction with each student’s specific performance goal, an initial assessment can demonstrate just how much improvement is necessary to reach that specific performance goal. This information is critical indesigning a preparation strategy that is appropriately timed according to the student’s goals and focuses on the content areas representing the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Efficient Study Practices Can Reduce Timeline

In many cases it is simply not possible to begin preparation a year in advance of the SAT or ACT, which is why it is particularly important for students to be aware of some of the more efficient study methods at their disposal. The Groza Learning Center, for example, uses root words to enhance understanding of critical vocabulary terms. Since the root words apply to so many different vocabulary terms that may appear on the SAT or ACT, the student is able to study in a more efficient manner and is also more likely to retain the information long after taking the SAT or ACT.

With an efficient approach and an understanding of the time needed to improve their score performance according to the goals they have set, students will find that preparing for standardized tests is not nearly as stressful as others have made it out to be.