Reader Share: David Leonhardt – MacGyverisms

Today’s Reader Share is from David Leonhardt from the ghostwriting service which shows the true nature of an amateur DIYer just based on the name, “MacGyverisms”.

My DIY projects are more MacGyverisms than anything else.  For example, when out mowing the lawn, it is always frustrating how the tractor spews out the cut grass in clumped rows.  One day, I got the idea to lift the our-spout hood, and the cut blades go flying evenly across the lawn.  Much nicer.  I use a bulldog clip to hold up the hood.

We live in a very old farm house, circa 1890.  When the kids started getting older, we decided we need some privacy in our bedroom for those adult moments.  But installing a modern door with a lock turned out to be a complicated reno project.  So I installed one cupboard door handle on the bedroom door and one on the door post.  When we want privacy, I just snap a strap around the two handles and no matter how hard the kids pull, that door won’t budge!

We also have a habit of making very 3D birthday cakes (like a waterfall one year and the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter another year).  The problem is what to do with the cake once it’s made, especially with two felines wandering the house and getting their paws into constant mischief.  The solution – a giant Rubbermaid container, flipped upside down.

Thanks David!