Kim Bettasso The Important and Haunting Question

We all know that being pregnant and being a parent after giving birth (for the ladies, obviously) can bring about all sorts of nervous problems such as anxiety or even panic attacks if it gets bad enough. How many of you women are in the same shoes right now? You try to relax by doing yoga, deep breathing exercises, watching your favorite shows, enjoying girl time and taking baths to sooth yourself, however, you probably can’t get rid of this one worry. It’s ok, it’s natural and most, if not all of us women have the same thought floating around carelessly in our conscious. Ready for it? What if there’s a terrible accident and my husband and I are both killed? Who will look after the baby? Am I the only one with this thought? I don’t think so! Here what I tried doing in order to know my little one will be taken care of.

You need to find yourself a guardian. I know a lot of you will be against this idea, but it’s only if worst comes before the best. Find out who you trust, sit them down with a nice warm tea or coffee and have this serious discussion about them being the guardian of your child. This is a highly important topic. Do you know who will care for your child if you and your spouse both die? Obviously, no one is going to be a better parental guardian for your child than you are. Here’s something to think about to hasten the decision: if you and your spouse don’t choose the guardian, if you both do die, the courts will ultimately do this for you. Better you decide than them!