Education Resources: Venice Tutor

Venice Tutor offers courses for test preparedness- SAT and ACT. They offer tutoring for all General Subjects: Language Arts, Science, History, ESOL, Spanish, French, and more.

Our mission is to provide the most effective one-on-one tutoring from highly trained instructors with affordable rates.

With Venice Tutor, your child will get the best lessons, great result, and will make sure that the tutor provided, will be an excellent fit. We foster independence, coach students- in effective reading, time-management, test-takers, note-taking, study skills, and more. This effective tutoring, will also prepare students for entrance exams, to gain entry to the best schools or colleges. Teachers who spend their time focusing on the student needs, will become a great influence, as oppose to the regular school systems.

Venice Tutor is an excellent investment, and ensures that your child will get an incredible academic education, prepare for test, focus on a special subject, which will symbolize knowledge. Our goal is to help guide students, to become effective learners. We provide self-individualized lesson plans, to help students become creative problem solvers and learn to communicate effectively.

Private tutoring is effective, towards academic achievement and better student improvement. Our program and lessons are accredited, to fit the needs for each student.