Reader Share: Gaurav Kumar – DIY Blogging

Another Reader Share from Gaurav Kumar of eAskme fame shares the reasons he enjoys blogging

My DIY Project is more about Blogging and fun together. For example. I love reading and writing, reading add more knowledge and writing add more fun when I see my posts getting popular among my readers. Blogging is not just a work for me. I started it as a hobby and it has added so much fun in my life.

Because of blogging I met many people and had good time. I am gaining poplarity with my blog eAskme and this make me feel awesome. I write what my readers want to read and also answer of the questions of my readers.

Blogging is all about do it yourself. If you can`t write and promote what you write by yourself then you cna never get success in blogging. I am soon looking forward to arranage a meet where I show amature bloggers and oether people who want to learn blogging, that is quite challenging and i love it.

If you have a question, feel free to ask me via eAskme.

Thank You.