Nick Alsis Offers Simple DIY Ideas for Spring

diy-1024378_960_720There is a natural uptick in energy when the spring thaw finally arrives, particularly after a winter that has been a bit longer and a bit harsher than usual. When that natural energy increase finally arrives, it’s important to be able to put it to good use by having a wealth of DIY projects lined up that are most ideal for springtime. Nick Alsis has put together a few simple DIY projects for this season of renewal, each of which is easily accomplished regardless of individual skill or expertise.

Of these simple DIY ideas, perhaps none is simpler or more convenient than a vegetable garden that maximizes space in such a way that even city dwellers are able to grow their own crops for enjoyment throughout the spring and summer seasons. Instead of the traditional raised garden bed or backyard plot, Alsis advocates a DIY project in which the traditional raised garden bed is modified to include a vertical component. This allows those with only a small patio — or even just a fire escape — to cultivate quite a bountiful harvest without requiring a great deal of space to do so.