Ian Leaf Tax Fraud Just Saved My Wallet

Have you ever had one of those moments when  you sit and think of all the close calls you’ve had in your life? I was just sitting here while my kids were outside playing and thinking of how simple life used to be when I was their age. Being 7 years old was a blessing, oh the bliss of ignorance to the adult world and stresses we have. We have made living in our own society so difficult and it’s all because of money.

Going back to my close call, just a few years ago there was a problem with my taxes. My employer, who was very greedy, says he “accidentally added an extra zero to my W-2” and the IRS was demanding I pay $3,000. After stressing about the issue, I stumbled upon a business called Ian Leaf Tax Fraud and it saved my wallet. The owner and operator of Ian Leaf Tax Fraud is also the author is a newly successful book called “Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home.” Who knew?!

Long story short, Ian Leaf took on my tax fraud problem right away and got it sorted out. My old employer got what he deserved for trying to steal money from the state and I got to keep my $3,000 and that’s a big deal as a mother. These kids will eat you out of house and home!