About Me

My name is Kimra Bettasso and I am an entrepreneur who thoroughly enjoys the creative processes that go into crafting and DIY projects. While I have always had an interest in creating things by hand, it was only a few years ago that I began to take these projects very seriously and felt prepared to take on some new challenges. I find that this pursuit has enriched my life in a number of ways, and my friends and I are quite fond of getting together on a regular basis to create something beautiful together.

As it relates to DIY projects, my favorite aspect is the challenge of a new medium that I am not all that familiar with. I have found that there is tremendous joy in discovering new ways to express creativity through the many do-it-yourself undertakings that exist. Whether it is stationery, greeting cards, picture frames, furniture design or simple ornamentation, I have discovered a passion for creating unique projects that reflect a specific emotion I am feeling. I hope that my site allows others who share my passion for crafting and DIY to be inspired in the same way I have been.

I volunteer frequently at It Takes a Village Canine Rescue and love every minute. Their mission is to help as many dogs as possible regardless of breed, location or circumstance.