6 Women Owned Direct Sales Companies That Fashion Lovers Should Join

Chrissy Weems

Are you a fashionista who is on the lookout for trends to try? Why not make a profit out of your passion by getting into direct sales? Direct selling is a lucrative business model because it allows you to anchor yourself in an established business at low startup costs. All you need is a bubbly personality, a positive attitude and some marketing skills to jumpstart your direct sales business in the fashion world.

“Direct sales for fashion products are highly attractive. If you have an ‘influencer’ attitude, and you have a good following on your social media accounts, you can promote high-quality products consistently,” says Chrissy Weems, a known online entrepreneur.

In this post, we will be looking into 6 companies that you might want to join as a fashionista.

6 Women-Owned Direct Sales Companies That Fashion Lovers Should Join


1. Faith Accessories

Owner Pam Hatchard has a wonderful story to tell behind the jewelry of Faith Accessories. These bracelets, necklaces and other trinkets are made by the hands of refugees, of women who have no place to call their home. They have made a vocation by making these unique pieces that Faith Accessories sell. Pam Hatchard wanted to give hope to these ladies and bring their story to the world, that is why she started this business. With a startup cost of $105, you can get a value of $505 and a wonderful story to tell your clients.

2. Origami Owl

Origami Owl was started by Isabella Weems as a 14-year-old girl wanting to have her own car to drive. It quickly grew to a company that has a familiar look and name. If you’ve seen someone sporting a circularly shaped necklace with little trinkets inside that seemed relevant to the person wearing it, it must be an Origami Owl jewelry. The Origami Owl is a brand new concept in jewelry making and selling because it is very customizable. It also sells because of the idea that each accessory has a significant meaning to the wearer, such as a first love, a baby on the way, or a life milestone. With just a startup cost of as low as $149, you can host a “jewelry bar” in your own home to sell these accessories to your friends and family.

3. Paparazzi Jewelry

With an excellent taste for accessories and a dream to help others, founders Misty Trent and Chani Reeve build Paparazzi Jewelry. These owners have curated a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are sellable to the modern-day fashionable woman. With a startup of $300, direct sellers can start on a package with 45% commission. The direct seller is also welcome to host jewelry parties promote products online to find potential clients.

4. Just Jewelry and JJ Boutique

The recently expanded Just Jewelry has included clothing in through JJ Boutique. The company was started by Virginia Depp and Nicole Nelson, as a way to empower women to take control of their financial freedom while pursuing their ‘passion for fashion’. Just Jewelry offer startups at $118 to get a package to sell to clients. As a bonus, the direct seller will also receive training as a fashion consultant.

5. Thirty-One

Cindy Monroe, the founder of Thirty-One gifts, had a simple vision in mind–to help women be successful by running their own businesses. Thirty-One gifts offer products in the variety of bags, purses, totes, and jewelry. There are available products that cater to both men and women. For a startup of $99, direct sellers can get a package of their choosing to sell to their clients. As a sales representative, you can also be a ‘hostess’ of parties to sell unique and high-quality products for your family and friends.

6. Jamberry Nails

Jamberry was born in 2010 when sisters Christy, Lyndsey and Keri Evans realizes how expensive some nail salons can be. They have found a way to make nail art and polishing fast and easy through the use of do-it-yourself nail wraps. The business eventually expanded in 2011 as a direct selling business model. The Evans sisters believed that it was a way to enrich the lives of women everywhere around the globe. Jamberry Nails offer nail beauty and care products, as well as other hand and foot care items. A startup cost of $99 is all it takes if you are into selling attractive nail art products.

“Direct sales companies owned by women is something to look into if you’re in the fashion industry because as women, they know what women want and need. These fashion accessories and beauty products will not only cater to a wide range of clients but will also give you a chance to improve your fashion portfolio,” says Chrissy Weems.